We know that skin isn’t just something you live in, it’s something you live with. But, what if you could prevent flares before they happened for more normal flare-free skin for life?

We created MetaDerm because we believe that skin conditions are CONDITIONAL and that you can only call it a treatment if it treats you well.

We believe more can be done to help and we are the ones to do it.



We personally know

Our Founder and CEO, Mike Centola, PhD has lived with an autoimmune inflammatory disease for more than 30 years and has suffered at the hands of a broken system. It's part of why we've made it our mission to find a better way. Importantly, we are scientists first, with decades of clinical research experience, trained at the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins. 

The category is broken

Flare, treat symptoms with harsh synthetic drugs, ignore risk of side effects, avoid perceived triggers, repeat. This is the hamster wheel that Big Pharma has kept sufferers on for decades. A short term approach to a life-long challenge doesn’t work. Why do we accept the risks of potentially life threatening side effects - like cancer - to treat the symptoms of a skin condition?



Treatments should treat you well

No steroids, No dyes, No fragrances, just natural relief for your symptoms AND resistance to future flares. By using the natural healing and anti-inflammatory power of 25 therapeutic botanical extracts that have been safely used in various blends for over 200 years in Eastern medicine, we've created a range of products you can use safely at home, every day, to clear psoriasis. MetaDerm not only helps you treat a flare, but will strengthen your skin’s resistance to future flares.


And, having a partner helps

MetaDerm’s Skin Health System will help to coach and encourage you to make you stronger! Instead of being forced to use a product that has more potential side effects than benefits, and being reminded by recurring flares, we want to be on the journey to more normal, flare-free skin with you.



Learn from Science

In the process of researching the root causes of Psoriasis, and many other inflammatory conditions, and how to help treat and even cure them, we’ve conducted numerous rigorous pharmaceutical grade clinical studies proving that MetaDerm works better than leading prescriptions, without the risks. 

Learn from you

The MetaDerm Skin Health System is all about you. We started MetaDerm to bring this natural, affordable, safe solution to all psoriasis sufferers. We are always working to improve the products and services we offer to make the journey to normal skin easier. We are always ready to listen. To learn from the science and to learn from you. 

At MetaDerm, we understand that skin care is a journey and we’re on it with you.

Meet the Founders 

Dr. Michael Centola

Dr. Centola, Ph.D., is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Scientific Officer at Haus Bioceuticals—makers of MetaDerm. He is an inflammatory disease expert. At the National Institutes of Health, he created scientific breakthroughs that dramatically improved outcomes of a once deadly inflammatory disease. At Haus, his understanding of inflammatory disease helped craft MetaDerm’s natural products using the same rigorous testing as pharmaceutical medicines. His pioneering work enabled the creation of treatments with unprecedented efficacy and safety.



Dr. Philip Alex

Dr. Alex, M.D. Ph.D., is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Haus Bioceuticals—maker of MetaDerm. Dr. Alex is an expert in identifying inflammatory disease mechanisms using a combined laboratory and clinical research approach. His pioneering studies unlocked key insights and novel therapies for inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Dr. Alex’s rigorous R&D experience helped shape Haus’ culture. His focus on defining key inflammatory mechanisms provides a bridge between the world of natural and traditional medicine.