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Why MetaDerm Cares About Your Psoriasis

April 05, 2017

At MetaDerm, we know it’s not enough to simply say we care about your psoriasis. Many companies claim to care about your skin’s health, but we’ve proven our commitment to making life better by providing a safe, affordable and effective solution for psoriasis and other chronic skin conditions. Why should you believe us?


We know how it feels.


Our founder and CEO, Mike Centola, has lived with an autoimmune inflammatory disease for nearly 30 years and struggled to find anything that effectively treated it. He knew that psoriasis care was complex, and still is today, and that prescription treatments could come with frustrating trade-offs and big price tags. So, he helped found MetaDerm and made it our mission to find a better way.

We started MetaDerm to bring a natural, affordable, safe and clinically proven solution to those experiencing psoriasis. Then, we developed the MetaDerm Skin Health System to bring relief and support to your doorstep and help you get the results you deserve. But, it’s more than just products; we want to support your journey to flare-free skin with regular, one-on-one coaching and support to make sure you get the encouragement and education you need to achieve lasting skin health. We did all of this because we’ve been there. We know what living with psoriasis is like, and we know these were the things that mattered most.


There may not be a cure for psoriasis, but by delivering a life-changing system at an affordable price, MetaDerm is making long-term skin health a possibility for everyone experiencing psoriasis.


How can we help you achieve a life of more normal, healthy skin? Let us know!
Why MetaDerm Cares About Your Psoriasis