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In It for the Long Haul: Why Long-Term Psoriasis Skin Treatment Works

April 07, 2017

We get it. Sticking to a new skin care regimen can be tough. But, it also can be worth it – especially for those of us with psoriasis. At MetaDerm, we believe that long-term, continuous care is the best way to prevent itchy, flaky, red skin. Why?


It’s All About Science.

The MetaDerm Skin Health System is designed to treat your psoriasis with a special formula of natural botanicals. Not only is it safe, but science also shows it is effective. In 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies, MetaDerm was shown to significantly improve skin health better than the leading prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) psoriasis treatment without the risk of adverse side effects. In fact, with regular, ongoing use, users experienced less frequent and less severe flares, minimizing the need for urgent flare treatment in the future.


It’s Safe and Effective.

Many people use psoriasis medication to treat flare-ups or irritated spots on their skin, but don’t want to use steroids as a long-term solution. Because MetaDerm does not contain hormone disruptors, steroids, parabens, dyes or fragrances, you can use as much as you want as often as you want. Plus, you can use it alone or in addition to your prescription treatments. Whatever you choose, MetaDerm is a safe and effective solution to promote overall skin health in the long term.


It’s a Daily Defense.

As you know, psoriasis can be triggered by things like stress and seasonal changes. MetaDerm also helps to defend your skin against these stressors through frequent, ongoing use. And, with an easy subscription model, you can get the MetaDerm Skin Health System delivered to your door every month!


It’s Ongoing Support.

In addition to natural and effective products, the MetaDerm Skin Health System is complemented by ongoing support through emails, texts and one-on-one coaching. By providing helpful tips and habits, we work with you to make sure you and your skin have the best experience possible.


Psoriasis may be a pesky beast, but it is a trainable one. At MetaDerm, we know the best way to stay on top of your psoriasis is by keeping your focus on a healthy future through long-term care. By keeping the future of your skin in mind, we help keep your skin grounded when life throws curve balls your way.
In It for the Long Haul: Why Long-Term Psoriasis Skin Treatment Works